Certified Nutrition Therapist (CNT) – Level II

  • Course level: Intermediate

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Topics for this course

65 Lessons60h

Diet – Fads, Myth and Facts

Diet Fads, Myths and Facts – Lesson 1
Diet Fads, Myths and Facts – Lesson 2
Diet Fads, Myths and Facts – Lesson 3
Diet Fads, Myths and Facts – Lesson 4
Assignment 1
Quiz – Module 1

Macro Nutrient Pathways and Metabolism

Nutrient Disorders

Cooking and its Effect on Nutrition

Food Processing and Its Effect on Nutrition

Nutrient Absorption

Genetically Engineered Crops

Reading Calorie and Nutrition Labels

Recommended Daily Intake of Nutrients

Assessing Nutritional Needs of Special Groups

Planning and Personalizing Nutrition