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Plants are the essence of existence of all animal life. They provide both oxygen and food.  It is towards these plants that the early man turned when an ailment came up. They found cure for almost all known diseases of the time in herbs. At a time when allopathic medicine is proving to be more detrimental than helpful, more and more people are looking at herbalism as an answer to their ailments.

On the completion of our course, you will be fully equipped to practice herbalism professionally. This course was designed to bring the ancient art of Herbalism to the 21st century and provide our students a complete set of skills required to work as a professional therapist. It is also a very helpful course for health practitioners from various fields, modern medicine or alternate therapies, who wish to take a broad approach and continue their education in plant based medicines.

  • Understanding Herbalism
  • Herbalism across history
  • Herbalism across the worls
  • Herbalism in spirituality
  • Reading a Materia medica
  • Making your own materia medica
  • Warming and cooling herbs
  • Vata pitta kapha in herbs
  • Herbal skin care
  • Natural cosmetics
  • Pharmaceutical herbs – tinctures, infusions, essences, decoctions and a lot more
  • Oral herbal medicines
  • Topical herbal medicines
  • Poultice, balms, salves and compresses
  • Understanding the importance of first aid
  • Creating a Herbal first aid box
  • Taxonomy – Classification of plants
  • Plant Collecting
  • Plants Harvesting
  • Plant preservation
  • Types of herbs
  • Detox
  • Text Lessons
  • Multimedia Lessons including Videos/ Podcasts/ PPT/ Slideshows (wherever relevant)
  • Optional Reading Resources
  • Gamified Quizzes (true/false, single choice, multi-choice, fill in the blanks, sort in order, match the answers and much more) at the end of each module
  • Projects, Assignments and Self-Assessment Papers where necessary
  • Dedicated course forum to start discussion threads with other students in the same course
  • Q&A section where the teacher can answer your queries directly.
  • Certificate
  • Lifetime Access to all material and all Future Updates

After the completion of this course:

  • You can practice Herbalism as a therapist.
  • You can run a store for herbal medicines.
  • Run an herb nursery.
  • Work for an herbal pharmaceutical firm or shop.
  • Create and sell your own tinctures and extracts using commonly found herbs.
  • Write about herbalism. You will be well equipped to write books about herbalism, or start your own blog, write articles for magazines, or write promotional and sales content for companies.
  • You will be equipped to teach a course in herbalism at a local institute, take classes online or even start classes in small batches at your home.
  • Become a freelance consultant for publishers, product manufacturers and other companies who sometimes outsource research for specialty topics.


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Topics for this course

34 Lessons45h

Introduction to Herbalism

Introduction to Herbalism – Lesson 1
Introduction to Herbalism – Lesson 2
Introduction to Herbalism – Lesson 3
Introduction to Herbalism – Lesson Podcast18:41
Introduction to Herbalism – Video Lesson 13:29
Introduction to Herbalism – Video Lesson 24:52
Quiz – Module 1

Materia Medica

Classification of Herbs

Warm and Cool Herbs

Herbal Skincare and Herbal Cosmetics

Administration of Oral Herbs

Administration of Topical Herbs

Herbal First Aid


Harvesting and Preservation of Herbs

Herbal Detox