Pre-workout meals are important to consider if you want to have optimal energy and performance during your workout.

A good pre-workout meal will provide enough energy without being too heavy or leaving you feeling bloated.

There are many different options for pre-workout meals, but some of the best ones are those that include carbohydrates and protein.

In this blog post, we will discuss the purpose of pre-workout meal, some of the best pre-workout meal options, give you a few recipes to try and tell you the perfect timing to eat it. Let’s get started!

Purpose of a Pre-Workout Meal

Pre-workout meals are important for two main reasons: to fuel your body and to avoid feeling bloated during your workout.

When you exercise, your body uses up its glycogen stores for energy. Glycogen is a type of carbohydrate that is stored in the liver and muscles.

Eating carbohydrates before your workout will replenish glycogen stores and give you the energy you need to power through your workout.

In addition to providing energy, a pre-workout meal can also help you avoid feeling bloated during your workout.

If you eat a heavy meal before working out, blood flow is directed to the stomach to aid in digestion. This can leave you feeling sluggish and can cause cramping.

A light meal or snack before working out will help you avoid this feeling and perform your best.

Pre-Workout Meals

What to Eat as a Pre-Workout Meals

Now that we know the purpose of a pre-workout meal, let’s discuss what you should eat. As we mentioned before, a good pre-workout meal should include carbohydrates and protein. This combination will give you the energy you need without being too heavy.

Some great carbohydrate options for a pre-work:

1. Fruit: bananas, apples, oranges, berries, etc.

2. Vegetables: sweet potatoes, white potatoes, rice, quinoa, etc.

3. Whole grain bread or crackers

4. Oatmeal

5. yogurt

Protein is also an important part of a pre-workout meal, but you don’t need as much as you might think. 20-30 grams of protein is all you need to help repair and rebuild muscles after your workout. Some great protein options for a pre-workout meal include:

1. Eggs

2. Lean meats: chicken, turkey, fish, etc.

3. Dairy: milk, cheese, yogurt

4. Protein powder

5. Nuts and nut butters


Now that we’ve discussed what to eat, let’s talk about when to eat your pre-workout meal. It’s important to give yourself enough time to digest your food before working out. We recommend eating your pre-workout meal 1-2 hours before your workout. This will give your body time to digest the food and convert it into energy.

If you don’t have 1-2 hours before your workout, that’s OK! You can still have a pre-workout meal, but it should be smaller and easier to digest. Some great options for a quick pre-workout meal include:

1. A banana with peanut butter

2. Greek yogurt with berries

3. A protein shake

4. A small bowl of oatmeal

5. A piece of fruit with nuts or nut butter

Pre-Workout Meals

Pre-Workout Meal Recipes

Now that we’ve discussed what to eat and when to eat it, let’s talk about some specific recipes you can try.

1. Banana Oatmeal:

This recipe is quick, easy, and delicious! All you need is 1 banana, 1/2 cup oatmeal, 1 cup milk (dairy or plant-based), and 1 scoop protein powder. Mix everything together and microwave for 2 minutes. Top with some berries or nuts if you like.

2. Egg White Veggie Bowl:

This recipe is a great option if you’re looking for something that’s high in protein and low in carbs. Start by cooking 2-3 egg whites in a pan. While the egg whites are cooking, chop up your favorite veggies. We like to use spinach, mushrooms, and tomatoes. Add the cooked egg whites and veggies to a bowl and enjoy.

3. Turkey Sandwich:

This classic sandwich is a great option for a quick and easy pre-workout meal. Start with 2 slices of whole grain bread, add 3-4 ounces of lean turkey, and top with your favorite toppings. We like to use avocado, mustard, and greens.

4. Protein Shake:

If you’re short on time, a protein shake is a great option for a pre-workout meal. Simply mix together 1 scoop protein powder, 1 cup milk (dairy or plant-based), and 1 banana (or your favorite fruit). Add some ice and blend everything together. Enjoy as is or pour into a bowl and top with nuts or nut butter.

5. Yogurt Bowl:

This recipe is similar to the protein shake, but it’s a little bit more filling. Simply mix together 1 cup yogurt (dairy or plant-based), 1 scoop protein powder, and 1 cup of your favorite fruit. Mix everything together and enjoy.

No matter what pre-workout meal you choose, make sure it includes carbohydrates and protein. This combination will give you the energy you need to power through your workout and help your muscles recover afterwards. Happy eating!

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