Certified De-Addiction Coach

  • Course level: Intermediate


In today’s time, we have more exposure to almost everything, even from the comforts of our couch. This has led to a rise in addiction and subsequently those who need guidance and support with their addiction. The Certificate in De-Addiction Therapies Course is a holistic approach towards learning how to support and help those who are on their journey to de-addiction.

This course is designed to compliment a lot of professions, like nutrition counsellors, therapists, nurses who may be working with those who were priorly addicts. Or those who are leading a support group. It will be a valuable addition to all herbalists, holistic healers, naturopaths etc who may be using their therapies for de-addiction counselling.

  • Undertanding addiction
  • What is addiction
  • Social factors in addiction
  • Psychological aspects of addiction
  • Biophysical aspects of addiction
  • Neurobiological aspects of addiction
  • Diagnosis of addiction
  • Diagnostic interview
  • Gathering info
  • Therapies for addiction
  • EFT for addiction
  • CBT for addiction
  • NLP for addiction
  • Hypnosis for addiction
  • In patient/out patient Treatments
  • Treatment for addiction
  • Benefits of treatment
  • Treatment goals
  • Plan for treatments
  • Needs in treatment
  • Role of nutrition in de-addiction
  • Withdrawal
  • Motivation and change
  • Motivaton and clinician’s style
  • Models of treatment
  • Recovery from addiction
  • Stages of recovery
  • Problems in recovery
  • Self-control or lack of it
  • Social support
  • Continual counselling
  • Aftercare post recovery
  • Relapse

This course is a good complimentary course for various counsellors or therapists who might be dealing with addicts in their respective modalities. Some of the careers that can benefit from this course are:

  • De-addiction centre nurses
  • De-addiction centre staff
  • Nutrition counsellors
  • Nutrition therapists
  • Health coaches
  • Mental health coaches
  • Volunteers for recovery groups
  • NLP coaches
  • EFT coaches
  • Text Lessons
  • Multimedia Lessons including Videos/ Podcasts/ PPT/ Slideshows (wherever relevant)
  • Client Assessment Templates
  • Optional Reading Resources
  • Gamified Quizzes (true/false, single choice, multi-choice, fill in the blanks, sort in order, match the answers and much more) wherever relevant
  • Projects, Assignments and Self-Assessment Papers where necessary
  • Dedicated course forum to start discussion threads with other students in the same course
  • Q&A section where the teacher can answer your queries directly.
  • Certificate
  • Lifetime Access to all material and all Future Updates


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Topics for this course

49 Lessons35h

Understanding Addiction

Understanding Addiction – Lesson 1
Understanding Addiction – Lesson 2
Understanding Addiction – Lesson 3
Understanding Addiction – Lesson 4
Understanding Addiction – Multimedia Lesson 100:00:00
Understanding Addiction – Multimedia Lesson 200:00:00

Diagnosis for Substance Abuse

Therapies for Addiction

Treatment of Addiction

Nutrition and its Role in De-Addiction

Withdrawal Syndrome

Motivation and Change

Recovery from Addiction

Relapse and Prevention

certified de-addiction coach
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