Diploma in Therapeutic Nutrition

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Certified Nutrition Therapist (CNT) - Level I

Certified Nutrition Therapist (CNT) – Level II

Certified Nutrition Therapist (CNT) – Level III



Are you ready to start on your journey to a wonderful career in healthcare? If you’re viewing this Diploma chances are that you are serious about taking the leap and finally getting into your dream field. Nutrition and Healthcare are much sought after careers today. And rightly so, afterall Nutrition  Coaches are as much in demand as a doctor with many earning as much or more.

This course is a comprehensive course that will help you gain in-depth knowledge and help you start your Nutrition Practice. You have complete access to the courses for lifetime, so anytime there are new discoveries in the feilds of nutrition, you can be updated as and when we update the course. No need to keep enrolling in newer courses for latest information or education.

This diploma is a combination of our three most sought after courses, Certified Nutrition Therapist Level 1, 2 and 3. To view more information on each, and to check out their syllabus, please visit the course overview pages for them.

You will receive a Certificate in each of the three modalities separately and also an Advanced Diploma in Therapeutic Nutrition post completion of all three.

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